Heh… boy do I feel silly. ;)

Good morning. Well, the beach is out of reach this morning. I stayed up late listening to and watching some incredibly inspiring things, including concerts linked below. 🙂 I think I’ll take a day away from writing and duty, and put that into personal connections. After all, they are what will get us out of this fucking world of a mess. Believe me. I’ve seen it, I know it…and I believe it to be true and, well… I kind of think so should you. 😉

Believe in the powers of yourself and others, breathe, relax, enjoy the moment for what it is and let the rest just flow.. everything will be ok. or should I say.. “dey um rush um da yeah”. 😉

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Thank you all. 🙂

You don’t think the world is changing? You don’t think people are waking up and living again? Watch this video for 5 minutes and tell me what you think…

Love, from Ottawa…. now to go pee. 🙂

Indigo Infusion Smoothie Recipe

So this is my daily smoothie recipe… try it you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂


frozen bananas (1) or 3/4 blender full
half cup or cup of frozen blueberries
one vanilla or blueberry cup yogurt (brand not important)
vanilla soy milk added to blender until reaches the top of bananas (plain if you want less sugar)
1 tbsp peanut butter (not needed, but sooo good)
a few drops of vanilla or other flavoured syrup
blend until smoooooooth.

lovely indigo smoothie drink.. delicious and nutritious, altered to your preferences… (bows graciously)

indigo infusion smoothie


unspeekable me

turn that key, open hart box….. reveal soul secrets that elude dheyly small talk…..


summed subtell swords
sound softest sugar shit-pile

others, gut churning cwhore
discussting deep

priceless few,
can’t scuffed-soul
seecrate speak

for sleeping suisides
hung bekneeth

© Anthony Gorman 2018

image: pixabay


a grumpy gift: Draining the Barrel – Collaboration

Caribou Crossings

drained the whole barrel
not a drop spilled, every letter
etched into my heart,
the lines already fading

filled to overflowing I
release myself fully my
thoughts to tears, tears to ink
heart splashed along the page

myself became
the missing link, poured
all inside emotions growing
the scratching quill, it kept me

left alone I’d scarce contain them
broken, pouring forth
released and rearranged
this ink it serves to heal me

bequeathed an oath of black
and blue, my lids are windows
shining through, the faintest
trace of long lost longing

my heart the inkwell
dipping in, the words spill
down and out across this page
until at last my eyes close

as Morpheus’ kiss it is I chose
the stranded lines they pour
again, into and from, beyond
my reach, the pillow had
some dreams to teach.

©️Matthias Grupe & tara caribou – 2018

We were chatting…

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the lurekher

she plays in grays.. he won’t go away..

lurker 1

crypt rite in KnightMayor’s
gravel grains, tossed radish
harsh and wreakless

from steep darks of
dayman’s denim

testes twigs, no match
for rubher-glue

childrun’s chalk pail
rosy glow

hint of ice crisp, krazy
mourning bite

shived through tangles,
strangled stars of gold in

ambivalence, filled lungs
with purge of absence

she ne’er surmised
his fateall

© Anthony Gorman 2018

image: pixabay



This is a poem was inspired by an amazing photo capture from a very talented creative eye, Elise Lynn Ritcey.  She’s a compassionate, warm and wonderful person with a wicked sense of humour. 😉 I am privileged to have had a chance to write her photo. I hope she likes 🙂


© Elise Lynn Ritcey and Anthony Gorman 2018

melancholy’s rain beads
whispering desolate

bubbled surface bleeds
sun’s melding golden
mundane salve

smooth gooey brand of hand-spun
honey glowing light

‘fore dusk’s noble branchees
usher in stark of twinkle
twilite night

in hue-hazy, narcotic

soul hurts draft and drift
from worry’s cliffs
forever feather


a view to an end

whirled through hollowed out tunnels until end becomes sight…

tunnel 1

damned dark-in narrowing view to brink
of torment tunnel’s early entrance

dizzying zigzag steps, leading knowhere
but strait dread ahead

passhun’s polar paralysis, free-flowing
towards humbleed heart in viscous taffy
seman syrup strands

appears shady passage will
soul-suck stiff to
swhallow me cold

to sense it’s carnal-corpse’s
frosty fresh breath, wafting
by, nearly

© Anthony Gorman 2018

image: pixabay