the paint project


the walls were painted eggshell
though he requested glossy shine

the brushstrokes stained both bodies
and dripped acid into their eyes

pools of crimson sludge
engulfed four throbbing feet

all compromise, abandoned
in the scorn the task demanded

© Anthony Gorman 2016



Tanlines – Invisible Ways

Brooklyn electronic/rock duo gained popularity for their playful, 80’s influenced pop/dance songs but this is one of the more restrained tracks off of their underwhelming album, Highlights.  Its beach sunset guitars and lethargic vocals are soothing, as is the visual.


Geographer – Read Your Palm

A brief but angelic track by San Francisco indie artists, Geographer, from 2015’s Ghost Modern.  The lyrics are beautiful.

I won’t read your palm
I don’t need to know where the lines stop
It’s just a wish and a hope
A story that will unfold
But if I know how the story goes
What’s behind every door
Would I listen so close?

I won’t disturb your pond
Though your waters seem so peaceful and calm
But if I remove my shoes
And put in just one foot
It would send ripples
Echoing all around you