14 thoughts on “beyond

  1. I have always been terrible at writing haikus. Or rather it takes tons of effort for me to like what I’ve done when I’ve tried. I always love and admire people who can write haikus and rhyming poems. Lol
    I did once do a writing challenge that required seven haikus about one subject. The only haiku creation I’ve ever liked that I’ve done. Haha

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    • Hmm. I am the opposite. I am pretty good at writing poetry.. which probably stems from the fact my initial stab at writing was with composing children’s poems.. then it seemed to carry over. Many writers consider rhyming poetry lesser, but that doesn’t bother me. I, on the other hand.. can’t write long, detailed poems very well. Glad there are all types. 🙂

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      • Yes, at this point in life I have education requirements that dictate what I write sometimes. When it’s something out of my normal proclivity it becomes and effort. Challenging Creative efforts aren’t always as pleasing. But sometimes more so! Someday I’m sure I’ll just only focus on what feels the best for me when no ones asking me to do stuff for a critic. Lol

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