12 thoughts on “healing

  1. Are most of the images of vulnerability and depression in our culture of women? I’ve been looking around for male images. Are they allowed? I am curious, it seems like we don’t allow them/scorn them….why?

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    • Because I live life as a male, I have experience in societal expectations, pressures, privileges and horrors relating to my gender. In much if my writing I try to explore a female perspective. This is in no way my assumption or claim if expertise in depicting the female experience.most if my educational and vocational experience have been dominated by the presence of wonen I’ve used many if their experiences to springboard my writing, which has also been influenced by 15+ years of crisis intervention work. Tge presence of more female imagery could be a combination of stereotype and a stronger willingness for women to express emotion outwardly?I don’t know…I see…I feel..I write. 🙂

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