Hands In Others’ Gardens Interview Series – Ankit Thapa, Nepal

Hello to all you WordPressers. This is the first edition at attempting an interview series with artists that I have tumbled upon during my late night online browsings. 

Blogger and author of the website Despite My Deepest Thoughts, Ankit Thapa, from the Republic of Nepal is a humble and unassuming writer who packs so much truth and sadness into his art, songs and poetry that it comforts and haunts the soul in search. I am not sure that this sensitive and beautiful person has is aware of how touching his contributions are to his many followers.

Here is an example of one of his poems, as it appears on his site:

My Ashes



I had dreams I had hopes
I was almost there, I was so close.

This welcoming land, the sight so homely
Away for all these years, I felt so lonely.

A promising glimpse of my life, my passion, and my interest
But here I am, in peace my eternal rest.

A note I left, I want you to remember
Me? I’ll be gone with the ember.

I’ll leave in silence, I had so much to say.
I chose this life, at times I wanted out, but not this way.

This note was found at site of plane crash in Kathmandu. A passenger plane carrying 71 from Bangladesh crashed and burst into flames as it landed in Kathmandu.
Image credits – Sakila Khadka

image: Pixabay


I recently sent Mr. Thapa an assortment of questions for his review, and below are his much appreciated thoughts in response.

GG: Do you remember what exactly brought your creative thoughts to form in music and word?

AT: When I was in school, I used to write funny poems and sometimes rap, I did it to impress my friends and to flirt with the female students. I thought it was cool. It wasn’t a short lived thing, I was consistent with it. I never took it seriously, nobody did, we took it as a source of entertainment. Most of my friends liked my funny stuffs. I use to get person as a daily prompt. “Today you need to write about this guy, or this teacher.” I always got that.

GG: When you were young, did you tend to share your thoughts with others, or keep them to yourself?

AT: I had friends, supportive friends, but I always kept my thoughts with myself. I would rather note them down.

GG: What made you want to share your work on WordPress?  What were your initial thoughts on having your personal thoughts and emotions on display for so many other people?

AT: I used to write on Medium (another blogging option). So, yes I had initial thoughts of sharing my content. WordPress and Medium despite serving a common purpose, they are completely different. I used Medium for a year. I did not like how things were there. I started looking for another platform and I found WordPress. At first the interface was confusing, I did not know how things worked here. I had it on my phone. I decided to share my first post anyway, When I came back, I wanted to remove it from my phone, then I saw I had received 3 different notification with 2 bloggers following me. I was happy with that. And I decided to keep it.

GG: Where do your creative ideas come from?

AT:  For poetry, it comes from my heart, I write about things happening in my life. Most of them are about love.

For songs, I knew I could do it. I used to compose songs but I never noted them down, I would forget the tune I had composed the very next day. I lost so many of my potential songs because of that. I did not play guitar for 5 years because my girlfriend did not like it. I just bought a new guitar 2/3 months ago. I had not touched a guitar during that 5 year. It was the best thing, because I found that I still got it. After that I have composed 7 songs without lyrics. One thing unique abt the songs that I compose is my chord progression. 

For Digital Art I was inspired by a friend/fellow blogger, I prefer friend, Katy. I used to paint when I was young. After seeing Katy’s painting I wanted to do that again. I have tried using a different art for every new song. 

GG: Share a part of yourself that might not show itself in your artistic expression.

AT: My profession.

GG: What is your favourite word and why?

AT: My favourite word? Word itself is tough. I never label anything as my favourite. But I did learn a new word recently, Serendipity, I will title one of my song Serendipity. Merriam Webster defines it as the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. I like this word because I think life itself is a beautiful accident. 

GG: If you could be a colour, what colour would you be and why?

AT: I’d be Green, I love green things that come naturally.

GG: If you were a song, what would your title and musical style be?

AT:  I’d probably be an instrumental song, I believe songs having no lyrics gives freedom to is listeners. You can blend the song according to your mood. I am a fan of progressive metal, progressive rock. Progressive songs have odd time signature i,e 7/8  5/8. And it is challenging to compose one. So this makes it unique and my title would be “blurred” because I think nobody sees a clear picture of me.

Melancholic Madness


GG: Share a fond memory.

AT: After we had this massive earthquake 3 years ago, we were forced to live in the tents. It was once in a lifetime experience. I know it dosen’t sound like a fond memory, but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, For the very first time in our life we didn’t have to worry about our daily schedule. we were all living together, we all made and ate food together, we’d play cards, and talk about earthquake experience. We made it such a pleasant moment and we needed that at that time, People who hadn’t talked to each other for years started talking. It brought us all together. The earthquake itself was a tragedy but the way it brought us together it made us forget everything, we were no longer living in fear, we were happy. We also saw how fragile we are, living without the comfort of our home. It was such an experience, Me and some of my friends stayed in the tent long after everybody had returned to their home.

GG: In the movie of your life, who would play you and why?

AT: I am not a movie person. I only watch it when someone recommends it to me. So I wouldn’t know much. I’ll pick from a T.V show. I’d go with Aaron Paul. I like from Breaking Bad.

GG: Well, thank you Mr. Thapa for taking the time to answer my strange little questions.  Your answers were succinct but contained a lot of intrigue and richness, much like your art.

AT: Thank you for this opportunity. I am thankful, This was my first interview of this kind. I had fun answering it. It took me some time. 

Once again, Ankit Thapa is a very unique talent, and I gently urge you to check out his website when you have a free moments.  It will swallow your time and spit back nary a second. Here is the link once again

Despite My Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read and –

Words, keep em’ short.











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