self-deprecation and apologetic behaviours

A really good friend of mine told me to stop being so self-deprecating. I gave this some thought and it was really good advice. Though self-deprecation and apologetic behaviour can be good forms of communications to display humility and humanity, overuse of these can inadvertently be used as a tool to convince others you are in fact worth less than they are.
Occasionally poking fun at yourself is harmless, but constant picking on yourself will lead others to believe you are someone who deserves to be picked on.
And rather than saying sorry (which denotes acceptance of personal accountability, which is a good thing) as often as we do for things that are not our fault or are out of our control, why not thank others for accepting our mistakes? For example rather than saying “Sorry I was late”, why not try “Thanks for understanding that I was late”.
Just a few thoughts. 😉

summer sunshine…

Well, this summer is flying by. Make sure you’re enjoying every single moment of it. May it’s warmth, sunshine and liberation run you through many seasons of cold and darkness. 🙂 Remember, everything changes, and that it’s ok…. just roll with it. 😉

summer sun