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The truth is, the slave trade still exists. It doesn’t possess the same visual impact as chained coloured people working in a field but it’s still there.  The only difference is that the slavery is more subtle and it’s been imposed, voted into and implemented in the governing order and law.

The governments, democratic or imposed through dictatorship, CEOs of large Global Entreprizes and Financial Instutions still possess power and control over those working under them and especially on those unable to work.

We’ve been granted a perceived freedom of “few” that exists only as deep as the false words and empty promises they are funded on.

Television and Social Media are the most powerful and potentially destructive force in the process of information sharing and public influence over values and believes of those it reaches.  Media needs to be applied and used fairly to propagate the human agenda, not the profit one.

If Employees at McDonalds are not making enough money to live, nourish, protect and provide safe shelter for those they care about.  They are not “free”. If the sick and the old are thrown to the wolves for survival, they do are not in light of liberty or humanity for that same matter.

True freedom involves a three step approach.

  1. You help the employees and workers understand and believe they have an inherent right to satisfactory wages and working conditions.  You help those who can’t or don’t work understand that they too play a valuable role in our society in other valued ways.

     2. You help owners understand that a healthy and happy workforce leads to better financial prosperity than those who feel demoralized. You also help the owners understand the experience of those who are underprivileged through education, exposure and non-violent productive means

3.  You transform media’s agenda to one of humanitarian benefit.

When the Roman Empire fell to violent uproar, it was assumed that it was replaced with a more humane and prosperous one.  Here we sit on the precipice of another such collapse, with another such fate. 

If the unhappy McDonalds employees band and stab the corporate owners in their faces with knives until dead, the employees become the murderers and the evil in the minds of those who are holding their very power. It solves.. NOTHING.

It’s time to use our soft and beautiful voices to influence those in power with reason, justification through numbers and a language they understand rather than through violent threats and protest.  

We don’t want a third Roman Empire. We want our current one to see an ideological shift that puts the betterment of all people ahead of a privileged few. It begs a future that is rich in kindness, compassion, caring for our current children and those of the future.  We want a world based on the values, beliefs and laws that bring people back into priority over financial profit.  Healthy humans lead to prosperity.

It’s time for the Human Race Movement (Humus Movement). I don’t possess beliefs that humans are inherently bad.  I believe that the choices and directions chosen by humans have lead to evil and badness. Direction can change, as is evident in the current flow of a current.

New beliefs, values and laws will lead to a better world.

It’s about time things get a little unfucked. 😉

Anthony Gorman








14 thoughts on “Please read with open mind, and SHARE

  1. This was the vision behind Roosevelt’s New Deal and The Global Declaration of Human Rights which contained the Four Freedoms, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. We have the principles, we just have to live by them. Great post.

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  3. So much truth. If the U.S. wasn’t built on crony capitalism. I believe capitlism can be a good thing but what we have is not real, it’s set up for most to fail. We work. We don’t have time to spend with our friends & family. We can barely afford rent & we’re stuck in this debt trap.

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