12 thoughts on “Elekktrissititi

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  2. Okay… now im worried. None of my replies are coming through… so i am retesting, for the last attempt, the limits of WP. Or maybe you?

    Testing… “Damn! I sent a comeback to this and it is lost in cyberspace… somewhere, it has been intercepted and censored. The aliens are boycotting me! ✌🏼 i come in peace… i truly do (and did).

    And if i could remember what i wrote… i would have attempted to resend… but i fail to recall my response.

    Happy to see you bright and kicking and replying… the sea air is bringing you to life. 💥💪🏿❤️”

    There. 🧡🦊j (feeling a bit embarrassed at my resolve to comment.)


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