last thing said/left for dead

claiming you were only victim in this, bloodied, burned bed…

last thing you said 1

the last thing,
that constricting, brittle
ring you left

rattlin’ round my
harm hollowed

was marbles, pounding porcelain
bowl, no corners

rolling round, glass scratch  
grating sounds,

in sycophantic circles,
treed, nowhere going

exposing where i most lacked

©Anthony Gorman 2018

images: pixabay


One thought on “last thing said/left for dead

  1. Wow
    I agree
    Men are victimized also
    I think we often hear only about women
    I am now starting to wonder if men are
    The ones who are least likely to report
    An assault from a woman…
    It’s a worrisome world with this # me to
    I want justice for the victims of all abuse
    Women and Men..Children..
    I’m afraid of those who jump on any bandwagon with false allegations
    I read study on this just yesterday
    Great poem.
    Makes one ponder ..

    Liked by 1 person

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