a grumpy review: YUP, I’ve reviewed Sudden Denouement’s Anthology Volume 1! (Take a look!)

SD bookcover

Who knew life would change with a book.  Well, that’s what happened in this case, folks.  My initial acceptance in joining the Sudden Denouement Global Divergent Literary Collective (including writers from around the world)  was met with the double edged blade of thrill and fear.  40+ years of internalized guilt and shame challenged and accentuated by an embracing and courageous group of writers. 

As a hermit would-be online poet, I had only admired the quality and resonance of their work from afar.  For those of you fresh to Sudden Denouement, we are a group of writers trying to process the lights and darkness of life through the voice of colourful language, acceptance and diversity.  Many of SD’s authors contribute poetry on an ongoing basis and others have published their own work through this inclusive publishing company. 

Sudden Denouement also believes in encouraging and supporting lesser known writers who share a similar language of resilience, strength and belief in the human experience and its ability to overcome it’s haunted house of horrors. 

house of horrors

As a low attention span a reader there is, I was a bit nervous doing a review of this particular Anthology, Volume 1. (first in a long series, I imagine).  It’s been years since I’ve read a “book” from cover to cover.  I am usually found skulking poetry sites or strange humour pages while listening to music on my giant out-of-date laptop, computer. 

I can honestly say that as far as literature goes, the creativity and breadth of variance in the voices of the authors captured is astounding and truly does guide you along a journey of emotions through a garden of flowers of different colours, smells and touches.  Sometimes soul-carving, often hopeful; beautiful but never hateful, this collection of pages contains some of the truest and unapologetic thoughts I’ve ever had the pleasure of absorbing. 

When I grew up, there was a lot of pressure to keep your feelings underneath the surface, buried deep.  I think we are seeing the direction that kind of process is leading the world.  Having unzipped the minds of these 39 talented and brave writers has punctuated the importance of creative expression as a form of entertainment, expression, healing and therapy.  You can’t commit too long to one emotion before you’re jerked in a different direction. As is the case with life itself.

For any fan of humans, and the profound experience of navigating life and it’s value-pack of unpredictable events, it’s an engaging and thoroughly nourishing voyeur experience.

I hope that current art and culture takes a nod from this release in the encouragement of us all in showing the world how we feel, with kindness, love, respect and compassion.

I am still not really a book reader, and perhaps I will never be.  But this one means the world to me.  Subjectively, I am proud of my fellow feelers for this wonderful accomplishment, and objectively I stretch in awe and admiration of this collection of poems as work. I can’t wait to read more.

The only issue I have is that you’re having reached the end of this review is evidence that you are not reading it. ;). Pick up a copy on Amazon. I haven’t provided the link because I trust in your googling abilities. ;).  Please help spread the word.

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Happy Canada D’eh!!!

Today, let’s celebrate the diversity and difference in people, the beauty and the kindness of the human spirit. Let’ s acknowledge and grieve bad decisions made with bad intentions. Let’s hold each other’s hand, and spin around in a corny fireworks whirl of life devouring and wonder searching and watch the colours burst from us all, and fall gently like all around us in all the different tints and sparks of our faces, into the land that first embraced us so graciously.

Happy Canada D’eh!