Hands In the Garden, Five Years In the Weeds

So, it’s been five years since this little site began. I don’t often connect with readers outside of the comments section but this does not diminish my appreciation for those who take the time to engage with my thoughts, through all their colourful and jarring incarnations.

Browsing the archives is like revisiting an awkward yearbook photo. It’s nostalgic and cringe inducing at points. 🙂

So, enough me talk.. let’s go write…. and thanks again.



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Grumpy Featured in Harbinger Asylum Spring, 2019 release

Two of my poems were selected for the spring 2019 release of the Harbinger Asylum poetry magazine through Transcendent Zero Press.  I am grateful that some of my words have reached new eyes and honoured to be featured alongside such a glut of skill and word “weavery”. 


This publisher supports the work of many talented, fringe writers and I encourage  you to take a moment to check them out. Transcendent Zero Press. Tell them Grumpy sent you.  😛 (actually, don’t.. I don’t think they’ll have any idea who you’re talking about)