a grumpy gift: Dab Of Warmth — Elan Mudrow

There are mild spotsbetween winter’sbeating of greyness Where breaths, in ease,are breathed…gloves are placed in pocketsor lost on streets of snow Mixed in that scattered brown batterof orphaned leaves. The sun appears as a strangerspeaking a forgottentongue, yet familiar tone Trying to place a lull onthe ceaseless movement of carsslicing through premature melt Inviting the […]

via Dab Of Warmth — Elan Mudrow

a grumpy gift: SCHEMER’S PRIVATE RECOLLECTIONS — Pleasure & Sacrifice

[spent today challenging my inner demon – named ‘it’ Dudd] [these poems reflect my struggles to let out my anger] * Responding to Centuries-Old Truths Got the bastard ‘Dudd’ right where I want him, padlocked in a private cell I fondly call ‘Hell’ somewhere in the dark regions of my chaotic thoughts guarded by Monastic […]