a grumpy gift: Epithelial Layers

Reflections on Existence

i tend to an apprehensive string

wondering if i should let it be

while fingering patience

a ring that turns my finger green

and you see me from the inside

where the verdant digit glides

tracing the pattern of infinity

somewhere below a pleural sea

and the bellows that breathe

your name in a refrain

as love’s ecstasy reminds me

to keep my skin in the game


© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Art by Janice Alamanou

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a grump gift: the light — RamJet Poetry

It’s a privilege to share this talented and authentic dude’s words..

The light, end of the tunnel Blinded me I stumbled Fell, fell tidings tell Mouth full of earth Written worm rot Spell my namesake temples pounding in temple a prayer, yet not in faith ready to anoint; award assail, scour, our blood is young far may ye roam fall into eye of God there, to […]

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