(tap, tap, is this thing on??)

A Stan Lee quote this week really impacted me. It was the one where he highlighted the importance of entertainment in the world’s worth.

I feel the same way about art, music and writing. If I opened up a tech toy store on the industrial road corner, my family and shallow friends would see it as success, but my writing of poems… my paintings.. they are just a “hobby”.. a pass-time

But with things like ideas and thoughts, you can’t hold them, light them up, race them down a track or build them higher than one beside the other.. they are harder to price, estimate… until they reach tangible status

scribbling a few words on a napkin doesn’t carry the same curb appeal as bombing down the highway in whatever cock car you buy, but it’s connected to far more truth…and heart, and spirit

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge all you creative spirits out there who purge your vulnerabilities for the greater good and not book value.

Our world will never truly know your worth until it’s without

keep bleeding, and I’ll keep feeding…


Time to turn down the dial on “Manbash Machine”? ;)


I’ve been the guiltiest proponent of man-bashing in my posts, through my poetry and my daily interactions. Though I think the mindsets of many of today’s men are in the darkest and most destructive of places, I am not sure that ridiculing men for it serves any purpose other than to purge my own vitriol towards them.

I mean, we have to live with men, as part of our experienced realities. I’m not sure that creating a divide between “the good men” and “the bad men” serves any better purpose than it does it any other black and white thought context.

Maybe we need to start to figure out a way to help the “lost and broken” men find a way back to their caring and protective natures, rather than the hateful and aggressive ones we are seeing now.

How do we do this? I am not sure. But should this not be the goal? Not to create more hate and shame?

Just thinking things… dangerous, truly dangerous when my wheels get turning I tell you. 

images: pixabay