Time to turn down the dial on “Manbash Machine”? ;)


I’ve been the guiltiest proponent of man-bashing in my posts, through my poetry and my daily interactions. Though I think the mindsets of many of today’s men are in the darkest and most destructive of places, I am not sure that ridiculing men for it serves any purpose other than to purge my own vitriol towards them.

I mean, we have to live with men, as part of our experienced realities. I’m not sure that creating a divide between “the good men” and “the bad men” serves any better purpose than it does it any other black and white thought context.

Maybe we need to start to figure out a way to help the “lost and broken” men find a way back to their caring and protective natures, rather than the hateful and aggressive ones we are seeing now.

How do we do this? I am not sure. But should this not be the goal? Not to create more hate and shame?

Just thinking things… dangerous, truly dangerous when my wheels get turning I tell you. 

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guess what’s crept up on you.. no, it’s not me….

Beautiful morning for a walk on the rocks, I must say… It would seem that sweater weather is here.. 😉 cozy up to someone you don’t. Ind the smell of, and cuddle yourself into a comfortable weekend streeeetch..yup..you made it. 😉

Love, loosely timed rhymes and soul squeezes from yours truly, in our nation’s great capital region.

Here’s some pics from this morning and last night’s sunset trip.



with sickness comes bond :)

charlie teddy.jpg

Got to see my son for some time today. He was home with a sore throat. We played trucks, had freezies.. his was orange.

Then he had a bath and we played “save the boats from the rocks and ice”, had a wonderful lunch with Granny.

Then I laid him down and I told him a story about a Lollipop Bear that my Aunt Pat told me when she used to babysit me when I was young. I have since, fleshed it out into a 100 page children’s story I’d like to publish someday. I told it to him in wide eyed fashion (probably more me than him, actually, heh)

Then he napped. Hope my beautiful boy feels better this evening while he’s with his mom. 



Am I the only one who finds the show “Insatiable” brilliantly written? I can’t believe it’s been panned by critics so. The messages and performances are amazing… I didn’t realize there was so much controversy about the show.. wow…I am really out of the loop…
it’s nice to see male characters that aren’t aggressive narcissists for a change… maybe that’s what’s rocking the boat. Oh no, we aren’t grabbing women, smashing beer cans on our foreheads or leaning all puffed out on the hoods of our cock-extension race-cars, the shame. 😉
There was a petition saying that the show is fat-shaming when it shows the truth about how overweight people are actually treated? I was 341 lbs in High School.. I lived it. People really need to get more productive hobbies than trying to shut down clever, well-meaning television programs… like, go buy some expensive worthless shit or something already.. 😛
leave the rest of us alone to enjoy our wit, good music and good feelings..
Love from Ottawa, to all… even you materialistic, self-centered fuckers. 😉

to this dad’s delight….

Not nearly as brave or noble as a solider or veteran, but often I feel as absent, but just as proud…


….i woke this morning knowing I’d get to see my kids today. What a wonderful feeling. I went to bed last night at 10:30 and slept until 7:00 this morning, in order to give them my complete best.

We went to a local park with amazing play structures. We spun on wheels ’till nauseous, we hung on bars of monkeys
half-cautious. We rocked on sailing boats with sea monsters, and ran down by fresh waters. Ducks were fed, warmth was
spread, then daddy went home tired and went to bed. 

It was a lovely time with my two precious stars. I will look to the sky to see them twinkling at me tonight while beaming smile on my face….

Here’s a video and song for each of my not-so-little ones…


Indigo Infusion Smoothie Recipe

So this is my daily smoothie recipe… try it you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂


frozen bananas (1) or 3/4 blender full
half cup or cup of frozen blueberries
one vanilla or blueberry cup yogurt (brand not important)
vanilla soy milk added to blender until reaches the top of bananas (plain if you want less sugar)
1 tbsp peanut butter (not needed, but sooo good)
a few drops of vanilla or other flavoured syrup
blend until smoooooooth.

lovely indigo smoothie drink.. delicious and nutritious, altered to your preferences… (bows graciously)

indigo infusion smoothie


self-deprecation and apologetic behaviours

A really good friend of mine told me to stop being so self-deprecating. I gave this some thought and it was really good advice. Though self-deprecation and apologetic behaviour can be good forms of communications to display humility and humanity, overuse of these can inadvertently be used as a tool to convince others you are in fact worth less than they are.
Occasionally poking fun at yourself is harmless, but constant picking on yourself will lead others to believe you are someone who deserves to be picked on.
And rather than saying sorry (which denotes acceptance of personal accountability, which is a good thing) as often as we do for things that are not our fault or are out of our control, why not thank others for accepting our mistakes? For example rather than saying “Sorry I was late”, why not try “Thanks for understanding that I was late”.
Just a few thoughts. 😉