the cost

the cost 2

squint to swallow flicker
of molten gadget

as terrible tides assault
grand vista’s

heartbeat slows to sigh,
soul consumed by mortal

once  pure eyes, now void
portals to

©Anthony Gorman 2018

images: pixabay

your mountain mind

mountain mind 1

primed in spirit and plump
with hubris, i set to scale
your mountain mind

fervent footing,
locked- firm

icy wind- vexed wasps
on callow skin

steep as ransom incline,
leading to heaven’s hymns

warning flag convulses
its bright boast
with ominous

climb’s a no go-

heeding neck deep heap
of broken, suitor bones

©Anthony Gorman 2018

images: pixabay

loose on love

loose 1

feeling limber and
living loose

I’m human

boneless, flimsy
piles of me

can’t move, don’t care
body’s too damn

slipping posture soup
to pristine floor

barely retaining enough
eye control to blink

just spreading here comfy,
nobody really needs me

loose love is limp,
plush and velvety

©Anthony Gorman 2018

images: pixabay


never-ends of true friends

friend 1

tender time and
sound attentiveness
of sincere advice

glued to torn, damp yet
stunning soul scraps of
your friendship,

i’ve woven needy, snug between
the two-

vivid crown of living
feathers, for troubled thoughts
and stiff reflection

©Anthony Gorman 2018

images: pixabay



drying abscess acid slaver cakes
corners of creaking
gripe flaps

madness’ molting molars
rip into peel, roman genuflector’s
guilt deep

last squirming maggot’s redeeming
curtsy drools frothing eulogy
from constricted glacier

glistening, sweaty rotten
stench of greying,

long strangled, loving
lucid waste piles of

grisly gasping rattle slips,
death’s final “fuck you” to
tortured trek emits

in all its putrid, puerile
glorious half-wit

©Anthony Gorman 2018

images: pixabay


last thing said/left for dead

claiming you were only victim in this, bloodied, burned bed…

last thing you said 1

the last thing,
that constricting, brittle
ring you left

rattlin’ round my
harm hollowed

was marbles, pounding porcelain
bowl, no corners

rolling round, glass scratch  
grating sounds,

in sycophantic circles,
treed, nowhere going

exposing where i most lacked

©Anthony Gorman 2018

images: pixabay