crypt gate keepsake

raging hard-hat dreamer
creamy teen machines

snarly yawning on
‘n non,

bugspray-can, glitter tans
tempting babylon quicksands

same NSFWellfair ultraviolent
x-rays soak so toasty

on powdered donut underbelly beige
of NRAtheistic malaise.

new heavy petting zoo monkeys-

twitching, sasquished bigots of
window’s rainglow flies

earthed as sacred contraband,
in cryptwatch keeper’s
creepy hands.

©Anthony Gorman 2019



mothering unrest

these glassy-eyed diamond dogs
are rhyme a dozen

balding baker’s souflees
rising to raw cookie dough

of sunspinny silly
kisser season.

simpleton simon’s pie sampled
of gutter rye and antacid

lashes velcroed to widow speak
spines of each other

in boneyard tangle dry branches
of hospice heart mother

©Anthony Gorman 2019



polished and potent

walk it off

if side-glance circus stilts
can handle it,

then, love it out

if you’re polished rock ’nuff
to withstand it

‘spite not choosing course
of every cocksucker storm

we steer raging kernel of
every light prowling cloud

into or excused harms impending-
chops, fully licked

far fetching outstretch of
atomic armsistice, inked cunterfeit.

©Anthony Gorman 2019




The chalices spiked greedy, and the sights quick turned seedy as we flowed into…

masquerade 2

’round ravished,
ostentatious room,

flaunts of
mystic blood-house

flatter past walls
and cryptic spaces

myriad grotesque, to
gallant, burlesque
in garnished

in silk, satin-clay
plastic velveteen,
and feather

but what, these
see-through feigns

they reward no

©Anthony Gorman 2019

image: pixabay