simple math

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simple math

add- fat cub to classroom of provoked goblin vultures, confusion dashed with stiff-brown instruction, brain caged by frets of flame-adorned home.

subtract:  carefree breeze in cauldron eyes, truths faded in platitudes hugged through morning sendoff shuns,  ability to smooth digested rude

multiply- tally of alarm clocks thrashed throughout twitchy half-sleeps, flights to bathroom stalls during recess eternities, bic stabs to upper left wing

divide- loved ones reaching in,  tender boy-heart, portioned for closing swarm of closing, frothing goats 

equals:  🙂

© Anthony Gorman 2018

image: Pixabay



game of spades

queen of spades

black monarch
flows whet scarlet

with crude

blade pares
chaps of
candied face-

roe rocks bruised
breasts like
reckless rattles

at sticky card
boys, rendering

lord of shovels
hisses lewd,

treasons his
queen, neighs
frisky nude-

mare bakes to
boil, chilled
savage plan

in zeal,
to flare her

© Anthony Gorman 2018

image: Pixabay




prairie peach

a poem about a real places I visited in summers as a child.

land lost to summers

banished lanes spread,
cluttered by chipped-tooth

its cavities,
caving creepholes
through invisible lives

wrought diesel
wheezes mercy’s straights.

roaring star
roasts lump of air-starved

in gutted peach
of prairie

© Anthony Gorman 2018

image: Pixabay