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I’ve skulked her writing for a few years.  Sporadically, she would appear on WordPress, her brilliance tantalizing briefly, then perishing, elusive as the method to her inadvertent  magic act. Her poetry was opulent and long in language, cryptic in message, requiring meticulous extraction of jewels – which radiated with a mane of stars that could wreath ceaseless curious souls.


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These days, in her current phantom form, erroenouschoices, the compositions read just as penetrating, but her themes, sores and melancholy weep from wider pools.  The raw but elegant protagonist of her works paint a portrait of someone you’d love to climb inside or melt into but are unsure how to approach or breach.  Her sleeves are wetter, her tussled hair-less tended, and all for the better.  Her WordPress site, choices in error: introspections artistry internalized tales, most always involving reflections on interpersonal journeys filled with bloomed desires, shielded truths, haunt readers with thoughtful confessions – she is a true pleasure to read.

Anyway, I will now proceed to slice off my fingers as I’m not the one you are here to read about. Here is a writing sample:


He penned her onto his arms,
into his wrists,
into his blood.
He wrote her broken
and he wrote her gentle.
She drew colors
and sounds from him
with a crack in her voice
a tear on her cheek
and the tail end of her smile.
Every night she destroyes his soul
with her mouth
until he felt it
mate with hers once more
for a renewal,
making life come back to life
he wrote her into his silence
and filled the void
with her honey hair and stormy eyes.
She had a voice
that made everything
sound like a melody
and his soul scribe
were margins
of the subtle swerves
of how she said his name.
He listened until his breathing
and he realized
some songs are toxic
and this was what a
beautiful death felt like.

(written by erroneouschoices, all rights reserved)

Despite her disquiet with the process, she was quite assertive in her wishes to participate in a question and answer session with yours truly. Below, is what revealed.

GG: I know that the notion of being interviewed is not the most settling of notions to you, so I want to express how much I appreciate your doing this. So, first I will ask you, what does writing mean to you?

EC: Expression. Being introverted coupled with early physical trauma that extended over years gave me a lot of built up chaos inside. It began as a young girls journal, transitioned into an obsessive documentation of life in all its mundanity versus horrors to a creative way of voicing, venting and expelling the necessaries. 

GG: What makes you write?

EC: Currently it’s less of an obsession and more of an enjoyment. While I meet the undertaking with intensity and depth it also feels wonderful while doing it and then even when I feel done with a thing. Its way of being creative with my brain and making something beautiful out of a love I have, the beauty of wording. 

GG: Do you have a safe place? If so, what is it like? If not, what would it be?

EC:  safe place….I imagine that means a place I feel comfortable? If that’s the case then yes, home is pretty much the end all, be all in that respect. If it’s a mental, emotional safe place well, shoot. Those shift and change all over the place. 

GG: Describe something you find gratifying about the process of writing.

EC: This changes, but currently it’s the distraction from obligations and burdensome things and immersing myself into the world of words that I hold dear.

GG: Describe something you find frustrating about same.

EC: I don’t find anything frustrating about writing. It’s something I can begin and leave for a time, it’s soothing and cathartic, it’s quiet and peaceful.   

GG: Can you share some experiences that have influenced your writing?

EC: My childhood is a number one influence. Filled with terror and discomfort, it was also stringent and cold. I ended up a misguided muddle of a stifled mess. But I’ve been told there’s an element of melancholy and wistfulness to what I write, to me in fact, even if I make an effort for there not to be. I am imagining it makes the things I write compelling or attractive in some manner. 

GG: If you could have any writer dead or alive edit a poem of yours, who would it be and why?

EC: I don’t want anyone to ever edit a poem for me. In my opinion poetry is art. And also in my opinion art is individual and subjective. If there is one way to write poetry I don’t want to know it and I want to keep doing it the way I am.

GG: How would your present writer and five years down the road writer differ?

EC: Huh, well of course I have no idea. I suppose I hope I would mature and soften. But that’s what I hope for my person as well. I’d enjoy writing people experiences. I suppose I’ve deviated dramatically from writing life experiences but it’s a thing I love. Basic goal with no timeline attached would be to go to different places in the world and writing about the people I see or meet. So perhaps in five years….or however many years or days in the future…I hope to be back to writing life. 

GG: Share something about you that others might find quirky.

EC: Oh wow, all things about me are quirky. Let’s see, I ride a bicycle for transportation most days of the week. I drink a full glass of water morning and night out of the same glass that sits to the left of my sink. I have a room in my house that’s exactly as my father left it before he passed away. I trip or bump into everything, even a crack in the sidewalk or a piece of furniture in my house that’s always been there. I share my neighbors pets with them, a cat from the lady behind me and two dogs from the neighbor next to me, instead of killing ants I’d like to create a relocation program for them.

GG: What kind of writing speaks to your soul?

EC: My favorite books to read are autobiographies and biographies. Even about people I’ve never heard of. I love philosophical musings. I think poetry is touching, revealing and a beautiful form of art. I love poems or prose with the human condition or urban life as a theme. 

Words to sum this up, things with heart and mind

GG: Any advice for aspiring writers?

EC: I do not, every writers experience is different, every writer is different. It also comes to mind that I have a regular thought of “who am I to advise anyone on anything? I can barely do my life” But since I’m still an aspiring writer and might be in that place for the rest of my life, I would tell people in my position to enjoy yourself. Once it becomes a chore there’s something missing, 

Erroeneouschoices is a writer that deserves to be read. Enough said.  She owns a talent and ease of expression that sparks both reverence and sincere hesitation in this old “poet’s” chops. Please do visit her.

Thanks for wasting your time with an inquiring grouch.  It’s always appreciated. 

Your rotten tomato target,

G.G. – words, keep em short!