The Dreamers (be leavin’ streamers everywhere, even on mirrors)

inspired by ‘Dreamers’, a song by Icelandic singer/songwriter Soley and accompanying music video. Painting is by Michael Lang. (linked below)

dreamers flush abyss
with freaky streamers

feeling fine, towin’ line
and lacing beauty’s bows
for march of ties.

then learn, quick turn,
toes burn n’ only
frostbite thaws
the mind.

yeah, i hold my heart
for dreamers, cause
they find us ‘spite
harms we hide.



Words in Wires

Is a poem about writer’s block just writer’s block’s last resort? 😉 . Words inspired by artwork by Leila Moazzami and Eduard Malingue. (linked below)

spells it out
in magic, just to
draw strings back a bit

chewing vowels in a coma,
strike my pose and
surplus commas

all down this page,
to up the drama

muse perched high-wire
like some frozen
table bird-

snow drifts past hope
in hibernation,

hums tune so tragic,
it shuns all word.



Fay Fatale

inspired by an image in Smashing Pumpkin’s ‘Stand Inside Your Love’ video, directed by W.I.Z in reverence of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé.

a beauty’s
flowing ageless-

while bones turn chalk
in boardroom

add some sewer water
and whip mess into a
ghastly lather,

liberally apply
to caving cheeks

cut a silhouette
so sharp it


smashing pumpkins:

On Haunter’s Hill (battle rages still)

My Remembrance Day Elegy, a few days late or a very many early. Words inspired by “The 2000 Yard Stare” illustration by WW II vet Thomas C. Lea III.

tin shell casing
soul of soldier


the blowing ash of close
inhaled to hold time’s
fallen nearer

draped self in violet over flags
fired rifles at grenades
in camouflage-

but evil men named god the game,
then marched their atoms in
to save the day-

real heroes decorate
mind’s mantle

haunting us back
into battle.



the Breakfast Bowl (powered by Vector)

inspired by insipid corporate sloganeering.

kellogg cronies
order you

‘show the boss
who’s boss, show the
game who’s game’

v’never listened
much to cereal, but
t.v. burps much
of the same

time to call up Tony Danza’s
teddy bears in pink

and scoop
ice cream from
their brains.



Frankie Bones

brain dead dandy,
candyman in leather

got a blood moon orange crush
on giving head to
sherman tanks-

no thanks, dollar daddy
smoke blowing cancers
all through this

hands up, boy-
n back the fuck away from
from sugar spoon.

copper burnin’ rubber,
squealing piggies
flee the bank

you just name
me you,

and i’ll call me