fly blotter

ol’ punchin’ bag, Larry Dansen
only pisses with baggy
pants on,

a mellow monday ode
to unsanitary fashion,

hates when breeze
brushes veal skin baring,
sleek scrotum

spectacle still worth it, to see
janitor sweep up teeth

pillow cottons draw shames
free humblest hidings

pair o’ mumbling eyes,
swatting flies
at grief.

© Anthony Gorman 2019



in the reeds

My morning routine includes visiting a circuit of local parks. I walk the rocks, gawk ripples, mock seagulls. Lurking in the weeds, my camera clicks trying to capture beauties of the evasive cranes, infiltrating their privacy, to twinge of guilt for such.

lady crane skims aloof
to self, idol in flush
intimacy staged-

rinsing visible,
all beauty’s troubles
in modern milks of
voyeur man,

shutterbug crouched

driftwood mites scatter
foreshadow’s flash

halting that which
timing splashes

‘tween lady sea & me
as present passed

© Anthony Gorman 2019 (words and pictures)