bottom dwelling


to stand,

lurching lethal,
darkest cushion stain,
now claiming couch frame,

i slag swelled knuckles
‘cross berber quicksand

to temple throne,
for broken

spat my taste at gurgling
mirror face,

dunked tooth bush needles in
assault and flattery

vigil dimmed by flushing
dawn window,

amid floater flecks
of snarling placid.

© Anthony Gorman 2019




Flashdance Jack

smoking man

we seized it, then sleazy danced
heart echo chamber’s
stainless curtains drawn

’till death screws us tongue
grazed pale collar blade,
in maudlin song steeped
way too long,

narcotic dirge urging force
of black lightning surge
through fox-feather duster

never slipped an awkward skip
of scorching torch
primeval beat,

only memories tucked so restless,
rib cage pockets deep, for rented
guest room strap lashings
to churn on brains like these.

© Anthony Gorman 2019




kindness of the garden rabbit

could not be the man i needed to be, so i gifted you freedom from me…

scary garden

shooed better half to
clear streams and sunbeams,

while retching dose schemes 
of beached slave cavern,
lapsed esteem.

her hothouse weeds
still burgeon better

than lush, gutter roses 
we strangled together

© Anthony Gorman 2019



a grump gift: the light — RamJet Poetry

It’s a privilege to share this talented and authentic dude’s words..

The light, end of the tunnel Blinded me I stumbled Fell, fell tidings tell Mouth full of earth Written worm rot Spell my namesake temples pounding in temple a prayer, yet not in faith ready to anoint; award assail, scour, our blood is young far may ye roam fall into eye of God there, to […]

via the light — RamJet Poetry