time cursed


grief 4

pray tell, ring the  bells,
what’s that, grey
sticky smell?

it’s grief-

cruel, wanton dusk

seized my dear
daylight drear repose

in his soft,
soul sleep.

me, left stretching
wretched years away

’till i

death’s relief.

© Anthony Gorman 2019

image: https://pixabay.com/en/users/prawny-162579/



rancid rats, scattering stupid
as horror-hatched cult
of savagery

slumped to bulbs of
jellied knees, dark alley alibis
scavenge crooked cross relief

convictions, face-fucked
into slavery trough

scripture’s sadist ghouls
perched for quiet kill
in still’s peril

garbage guzzler’s crap pot
grown stretch and swell from
gruesome gasses

a slurred clutter cacophony-
in form of cringe-coaxing cabala choir
flexing mercy-vexed vocal vows

recycled flat, for sake
of shaking-fist fate
at prom dancer darlings’ deflate 

pius, vermin plague
talons forth,

past coal-toothed,
serrated smirk

of sacrificial

© Anthony Gorman 2018

image: pixabay


Carniveil (in collaboration with Tara Caribou of Caribou Crossings)

A third collaboration with the amazingly talented Tara Caribou of Caribou Crossings. Her writing takes me new and exciting places and her friendship has helped me navigate some dark corners.  Please check out her work. Probably the most uncomfortable thing you’ll read today  If that’s the case, read it again.., and again… and again…


Children’s chuckle, sticky fingers cross haired

At throbbing bomb-beast, restrained with slack

In gnarly,  pumpkin  peel

Scuffed tokens buffed and given

Smirking malice, slight but driven


Vile stallions addled with saddles, red in hue

Elephant rock thumps with hung grey shrunks

Banty rooster, glows white from crowing


Vaudeville score bewitches slow

Building frantic speed with guilty spins

Churned tunes skipping wicked pace

In bile swamp bellies of hate’s embrace


Cracked, swooping lights

Disheveled fosters’ silhouettes

Freaking past squint-eyed pinhead salutes

Grips on striped merry-go-round poles

Branding four filthy generations’ handprints deep


Garish masks of slime-stained mimes

Twitch, fear-framed in creepy postures

Sleepy sutured lids stretched for escape

Of ghastly visions, cranking jack-in-the box fate


Terrors plundered for shock and wonder

Unhinging blurried memory door


Tick, turns to click of priming shaky rifle

Shame cocks sick-sorry in tipping lifelong stifle

Black barrel slips slick hands dropping once united mind

Unleashes death kiss from chapped lips of tripped mind


Pregnant childhood flashes, slash fragile buds

Cigar lit ‘tween split-pea lips

Distant calliope squeaks scathing eulogy,

Triggering thin-lipped grins and candy-fouled chins

Chatter sublime.

©Tara Caribou and Anthony Gorman 2018