veneers to here

fine, i’ll grind teeth
on tailpipe dreams
to fake it

if make belief is
scheme of preference
required here,

we’ll exist as though
heaps of varicose leaves
endured char from
harvest fires,

to dismiss frisky swirling cinder glory
and all that it implies-

austerity of our legacy,
bloodshot Mary, dry martini sips
in pool party eyes.

©Anthony Gorman 2019



kindness of the garden rabbit

could not be the man i needed to be, so i gifted you freedom from me…

scary garden

shooed better half to
clear streams and sunbeams,

while retching dose schemes 
of beached slave cavern,
lapsed esteem.

her hothouse weeds
still burgeon better

than lush, gutter roses 
we strangled together

© Anthony Gorman 2019



my torrent word ship

forever sailing you to me….my torrent worship

my torrent, swirling whorl
of worship

shan’t lavish she with polished
penance stones to

nor arrange 
snowbird heart shaped mist,
faintly fingered in sky

rather, i swipe every
candid tear, cleared in
broken faucet motion

and pool for her,
freshwater oceans

©Anthony Gorman 2019